Using ChatGPT To Write Dissertation Can Lead To College Expulsion!

Indeed, ChatGPT is super helpful for getting ideas, studying, and getting help. But when using AI like this for big college projects such as the Dissertation, it is vital to be careful about ethics. AI is easy to utilise, but there is a line between getting help and doing something wrong. If you cross that line, you may get kicked out of college. But again, we would like to state that AI tools are smart. These are for taking help only some of the content on it.

So, while ChatGPT is super valuable, misusing it for academic work like Dissertation can lead to big trouble. It is vital to keep that in mind and use it wisely so we stay on the right side of the rules and keep our scholarly paths clear.

In this blog, we will write about what AI is. How can taking help for the dissertation lead to college expulsion?

The Temptation of AI Assistance

AI has become much better at talking and writing like humans in the last few years. ChatGPT is one of those smart AI tools that stands out because it can help with lots of tasks. Here, the jobs mean even the Dissertation. It is not only about schoolwork or small chores. Also, it can do large tasks like Dissertation and theses.

It is like a big library of data, and it can give perfect answers. For learners, mainly when they are dealing with complex Dissertation. It feels like having a smart friend to help out. But some of this help can cost you college. In these cases, you may get expelled from the institute.

But here is the thing: while it is super useful, it can also be engaging to depend too much on AI. Mainly for vital things like college or school projects. It is easy to think I can just let the AI do this for me. But that is where it gets tricky. Using AI too much for things that are supposed to be their own work can get them into trouble.


AI is an excellent tool, but it is vital to use it properly. When it comes to college, one ought to utilise their brain and talents. Getting help and ideas from AI is calm, but one must make sure the work they turn in is theirs. That is the best means to learn and grow without any issues down the road.

Ethical Dilemma: Where is the Line?

When students lean too much on AI, such as ChatGPT, to write their big college papers or Dissertation, ethical issues show up. It is okay to use AI for help and to get visions. But if someone hands in an essay or Dissertation that the AI mostly wrote, that is unfair. It is like taking credit for someone else’s work. That is not being honest in school and is against the rules.

It is like asking for aid from a friend when you are stuck on an issue. That is relaxing! But if that friend does all the work and one says it’s her, that is not right. In school, doing your job and using AI to aid is vital, not to do everything for you. Here is the thing: taking help from the AI and letting the AI do the entire Dissertation is not an honest thing you are doing to yourself. AI can lead to noticeable issues like expulsion from college. Using AI properly and doing your work by yourself is best.

Risks Involved

So when they turn in schoolwork that AI mostly did for them, it is just like cheating. We can say it is plagiarism, and schools never like it. They have rules against it because it is not fair or honest. If one gets caught doing this, the penalties can be serious. They may get bad grades or even be kicked out of school.

Universities and colleges have strict laws about plagiarism. They want the student to do their work and use their brains to learn. If students take work from AI and say it is theirs, that is like breaking their rules. They check the work of the student to make sure it is their own. If they find out they used too much AI, it can become trouble for them.

It is way better to utilise AI to assist us and do only some of the work for them. That is the right means to learn and show what they know without getting in trouble. Being honest and doing their job is vital to completing Nursing Dissertation Editing Help UK and college tasks well.

Ethical vs. Unethical Usage of ChatGPT in Dissertation Writing



Ethical Usage

Unethical Usage


● Brainstorming research queries and views.

● Also looking for grammar issues.

● Beside this boosting sentence structure and flow.


● On the other hand plagiarising current work by passing AI text as original.

● Also fabricating data or findings.

● Proposing an entirely AI dissertation without attribution.



● Also Disclosing the help of ChatGPT in the referencing.

● Examining the limits of AI writing and how one uses it responsibly.

● Besides this it is offering access to the AI text for proof.


● On the other hand failing to disclose the use of ChatGPT

● claiming it as real work

● Hiding the AI effect by heavily revising its work.



● Boost learning and study skills.

● Supports right data processing and writing.

● Substitutes critical thinking and analysis skills with AI support.

● Boost superficial learning and ignore in-depth study.


Source of Information

● Uses AI to process and summarise existing Dissertations with clear sources.

● AI to help explore diverse views and study existing writings.


● Passes off AI text as original analysis without citing its sources.

● Uses AI to design or fabricate dissertation and results claiming them as original


So, if you are writing a dissertation for nursing, then taking help from Chat Gpt is the best idea. But using them smartly is the key. If you are still confused, then go for the Nursing Dissertation Help UK services. They will guide you on how you can use ChatGPT for your Dissertation. Moreover, if you want, they can write the whole work for you. For using chat gpt, please read the above-stated points.


How To Use Chatgpt Whilst Avoiding It?

  • Balance Use: Blend ChatGPT advice with your views, bypassing full support.
  • Set Limits: Decide how much AI help one will use to keep ownership of their work.
  • Guidance Note Substitution: Use AI for concepts. But ensure the work reflects your style.
  • Verify Data: Double-check AI-offered data with reliable citations.
  • Add Personal Input: Infuse the unique view into the content received from AI.


ChatGPT helps me think up ideas. It also helps with research and guides us. When it comes to massive projects like Dissertation, there is a line one should stay within. It is easy to depend too much on AI like ChatGPT because it is handy and straightforward. Yet, utilising too much AI for the work and saying it is all ours is unfair.

When one lets AI do most of the Dissertation and then hands it in as their own, that is called cheating, and colleges never like it. They have strict rules against it called plagiarism. Therefore, if one gets caught, the punishments can be severe. It is like failing grades or even getting kicked out of college.

Instead of letting AI do a Dissertation, it is best to use it as a helper. We can get visions and check data. But we ought to do most of the Dissertation work ourselves. That is fair and honest. Using AI helps one learn and grow without getting into trouble.



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