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Ready to Dive into Public Health Leadership? Explore our MPH Programme Modules

Embark on a transformative journey into Public Health Leadership with our MPH Programme Modules. Dive into comprehensive coursework designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for impactful leadership in the public health sector. Explore topics ranging from epidemiology and health policy to community and global health issues. Our MPH Programme Modules offer a dynamic learning experience, blending theoretical insights with practical applications. Immerse yourself in an expert curriculum, fostering critical thinking and leadership capabilities. Take the first step towards shaping healthier communities and driving positive change with our engaging and insightful MPH Program. Modules.

Public, Population and Personal Health (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Understanding public, population and personal health
  • UK Dissertation Global burden of disease
  • UK Dissertation Environmental Health
  • UK Dissertation Infectious disease control
  • UK Dissertation Introduction to public health policy
  • UK Dissertation Public health action

Evidence-based Approaches to Public Health (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Disease frequency and impact
  • UK Dissertation Use of routine statistics
  • UK Dissertation Study design and sample sizes
  • UK Dissertation Analysing epidemiological data
  • UK Dissertation Using epidemiological and statistical software
  • UK Dissertation Interpreting the evidence

Influence of Society and Politics on Health (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Social determinants of health
  • UK Dissertation Health inequalities
  • UK Dissertation Key concepts of social research methodology
  • UK Dissertation Impact of political policy on health
  • UK Dissertation Impact of behaviour and psychology on health
  • UK Dissertation Health infrastructure and its impact on societies

Health Promotion (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Defining health promotion
  • UK Dissertation Settings for health promotion and assessment of needs
  • UK Dissertation Understanding individual and societal change
  • UK Dissertation The organisation of health systems to support public health
  • UK Dissertation Evaluating health system performance
  • UK Dissertation Evaluating and communicating health improvement

International Health & Sustainable Development (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation The role of sustainable development and equality in health
  • UK Dissertation Gender, race and other inequalities
  • UK Dissertation Health cities, food and nutrition
  • UK Dissertation Climate change
  • UK Dissertation Preparedness for and responsiveness to global events
  • UK Dissertation Global mental health

Health Policy, Economics and Management (20 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Introduction to health economics
  • UK Dissertation Ethical theory in public health practice
  • UK Dissertation Funding models for healthcare
  • UK Dissertation Introduction to financial management
  • UK Dissertation Managing organisations and teams
  • UK Dissertation Policy analysis, development and implementation

Research in Public Health and Health Promotion (60 CATS)

  • UK Dissertation Compare and contrast different paradigms and approaches to your research in public health.
  • UK Dissertation Your research-based professional project will culminate in a 'conference ready' poster presentation and article ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals.
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