One of the most difficult parts of academic writing is the bibliography section in which you have to manage and cite references. You have to keep track of what and who you cite. These tools can help you to track your references in a perfect manner.

Free online citation tools have become an important part of every eLearning project especially if you are on a tight eLearning budget. Many content developers use this idea to avoid stealing somebody else’s ideas. Whenever we use fancy citation tools then the cost will keep rising.

Do you need help with your APA citations? Using APA citation tools is a very effective way to get your references ready in APA format. However, it is important to know how to use APA citation tools and also how to cite sources in APA style.

Free online citation tools are the most effective way for eLearning content developers and can give credit to people whose ideas they are using. If you want to use and you can’t get a subscription or you think its membership is too expensive which you can’t afford then there are free tools available with very high-quality features. There are many things you will find on the internet which can help you throughout your career like in student life there are assignment writer services like nursing assignment writersWhich is very affordable and provides you the best quality of work.

More importantly, these platforms offer great and functional features with no additional charges which are important for low budget projects. More important using citation tools can help us to prepare APA format references, books, and journals. So here are some best APA citation tools that are done without having any extra burden on your budget.


Knightcite is an APA citation maker from Calvin University at Hekman library. That could be used to make in APA format for the basic citation of a book. Make sure you have to select an appropriate citation style from the menu then you can make an APA format book according to your requirements.


Zotero is another APA format citation tool through which we can also create content in APA format. Zotero is a useful open-source web browser add-on that can be useful for different types of research purposes, but it useful to make a great APA citation machine. If you want to organize your research then you have to use a tool to make APA style citations. Zotero is also helpful for you to keep track of your research and also you can share it with what you have found.

Zotero collects all your research in a single interface, you can add anything in this interface like audio, images, pdf, etc. Zotero helps you to find exactly what are looking for just by typing some keywords.


Another benefit of the use of Zotero is that it is a free online bibliography and citation tool. It does not require any kind of membership or subscription. It means you can find your research absolutely free.


APA citation wizards are a very effective and easy tool to use and help you to create references for web pages, online books, journals, etc. make sure to double-check that the current edition of the publication manual is being used for all types of citation tools.


Landmark citation machine is another effective APA citation tool which allows us to create references in a different kind of formats, more importantly, this is one of the easiest and free online bibliography and citation tool.


Citation machines mostly useful for students and help many eLearning content developers reference in four major styles namely APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian and also citation machine provides many citation styles so that we can create format according to our requirements.


This tool is a Firefox Add-in that helps us to make citations of online sources in APA, MLA, and AMA formats. But unfortunately, this tool does not properly upgrade which means this is not completely accurate. So always don’t depend on the tool so always check your completed reference and make sure it is in correct APA format.

Cite is also one of the free online citation tools that offer many features for your reference.


Cite this has a great layout which helps you to make a perfect reference and easily accessible from others. This tool has a variety of features, sources, styles which are absolutely free but if you want something more then you have to get a subscription or membership and after getting a membership you will get a plagiarism checker feature as an additional feature.


Bibme is another citation tool that will help you to generate and auto-fill citations for your work automatically. There is no need to fill up manually. This tool also offers some useful tips on why it is important to identify other sources properly, along with the idea that your own paper would actually be improved by setting up your sources.

This tool also helps students to either search for sources or add them on their own. You can also save and can do more research. This is the most useful tool where eLearning content developers can find all types of features.


Here is 4 citation styles are available MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago and it will help you reference your work more perfectly and efficiently,


Most of its features are available on the internet which is absolutely free.

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