A bibliography is a list of sources you have used in your essay, research, or any report writing. In the bibliography section we write:

  • The author’s name
  • Title of the works
  • Name of the companies
  • Location of the companies
  • We will provide a link to the site from which we have taken the source.



Dissertation, sometimes known as a thesis but this term is used only for the final assignments of Ph.D. degrees. Basically, a dissertation is a research project completed as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. There are two types of dissertation:



Empirical dissertations are which are involved in the collection of data, for example in a social sciences degree. This may allow students to put into practice professional and ethical guidelines during collecting the data from the public. Mostly it is involved in the laboratory work.



A non-empirical dissertation is based on the data and work which is already available. I like to read a book and spending a lot of time just by reading a book and gain some knowledge. But in this type of a dissertation, you just don’t have to elaborate on other’s ideas and opinions but you have to analyze work and explore its practical applications.



Citing all the sources which you have used from any site throughout your research or any project at the end of the dissertation is important. Bibliography includes all the things which you used in your paper like ideas, images, etc. some writers suggest some ideas which can be beneficial for the bibliography of the dissertation for example Nursing Assignment writers the UK

Basic things we have to do at the time of writing a dissertation bibliography are:

All the sources which you have used in any type of your research even it is an essay writing, report writing or any type of research should keep track of all those websites, books, magazines, etc.

Remember, you have to cite everything. It will also help us to understand the visitor how well the research has been done and it will not create any type of copyright issue. Because it is illegal to pick anyone’s idea and describe it as it is your own.



There are certain which you have to keep in mind while you read any material for writing; you need to put the full publication info of the text which you have written from any site along with do not forget to write these things:

  • Name
  • Date(publication)
  • Title of the text
  • Place of publication, the title of the book, name of the author.
  • Should give a page number from which reference has been taken.

There are some styles in which a bibliography can write. The most commonly used style is APA style and MLA style.



MLA stands for Modern Language Association. This style is more different from other bibliography styles. Because in this type of bibliography you need to write the medium of publication, such as print, film, or DVD. The most basic form of MLA bibliography is to write the last name, first name, and a period. Then the title of the books which is also mandatory to write. Next, publication info (publication date, publication city, etc.). It should end with the medium of publication and a period.



APA is known as the American psychological association. Basically, the APA bibliography is mostly used in science dissertations. If you want to complete your bibliography in APA style, more important is to discuss with your instructor or any committee member so that you could know what their requirements are. With APA style, you use a reference list.

Basically, it is different from the MLA bibliography because in this type of bibliography you only list sources that you referenced in your text. In this bibliography, there are some rules and regulations which you have to follow they are, the author’s last name, comma, first and then a period. Next, you have to write publication information like the date of publication, the city where it has been published.



First, you need to check the method for structuring your dissertation. You can make a simple word document of the source having full title, authors, publishers, and publication information.



APA format is important for the dissertation bibliography. You need to make it in APA format to look great. It will make a good impression on the viewers. So to make it in APA format you have to start on the new page having a centered heading “references”.



The main part of any research or any type of document is to create a format. If you are able to create a good format it can help you manage the text and everything. Because the format is the main thing for a better document. So to make a format you need to write Author’s last name, first, publication date, and place.


Max, a.& hughman(1996). Presenting finding: a practical guide for any tabulation.

Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

This format is valid for reference books.

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